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Design Services

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Analog & Mixed Signal Design

Our designers have expertise across a wide range of Analog areas including RF design, Power management, High Speed communications, Data Converters, Clock generators and temperature sensors.

The Keenheads team is experienced in both circuit and layouts design of high-frequency PLLs, SerDes, PMUs, RF designs, Memories, Data Converters, and IOs.

With an average experience more than 20 years in Analog and ASICIC design, we are the trusted partners for Analog design solutions.

Our key offerings as part of our Analog Design services encompasses the following:
  • Full chip & block level design
  • Expertise in Bulk CMOS, SOI, and BCD processes
  • Complete ownership of design starting from Transistor level design to  Bump and ESD planning.
  • Specs closure , Design reviews and architectural improvements 
  • Circuit & layout design, Verification
  • Pre & post layout simulation

Front End Design Services - RTL Design

KEENHEADS offers comprehensive ASIC/RTL Design Services, including Micro-architecture development, RTL Design, Linting, LEC, and Synthesis.

Architecture design, RTL Design, Chip Integration, Testbench Creation, Testplan and Test vector coding, Assertions, SVA, Functional Coverage, Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog with OVM/ UVM/ VMM, IP Verification, SOC Verification, Functional and Timing Simulations, Power Aware simulations, CPF/ UPF based verification

Our key offerings as part of our RTL Design services encompasses the following:
  • RTL implementation using Verilog, VHDL & System Verilog
  • Architecture development, IO and IP integration
  • Developing Timing Constraints 
  • LINT, CDC and LEC checks
  • GLS setup & simulations
  • Low Power Design & checks
  • Synthesis

Design Verification

Our proficient team handles all aspects of IP and SoC verification, from test plans to coverage closure.

We have expertise in defining the right strategy for verification for IP, Sub-system or SoC depending upon the reuse expected.

Our key offerings as part of our Design Verification services encompasses the following:
  • Develop verification testbench components for chip/module using Verilog/System Verilog/C
  • Develop verification methodologies like eRM/OVM/UVM for creating test-bench/test-cases environments.
  • Development of Self-Checking Test Cases and Regression management.
  • Functional and Code Coverage Analysis.
  • Test case execution and analysis
  • Gate Level Simulations

Design For Test Services - (DFT)

KEENHEADS team of Design for Testability experts can help with the chip DFT architecture and implementation to increase IC test coverage, yields, and quality.


Our comprehensive methodology for inserting test structures into a  design and integrating existing test structures in an IP/design and automating the test structure insertion to reduce the number of required modifications to the RTL designer.

Our key offerings as part of our DFT Design services encompasses the following:
  • DFT architecture & scan methodology
  • MBIST wrapper and boundary scan
  • Scan insertion, ATPG pattern generation, and verification 
  • Integration of post-scan netlists
  • Synthesis of inserted logic with automated SDC generation
  • Logical equivalence checking
  • Automated DRC checks and repair
  • Multi-pass test pattern generation to analyze coverage
  • Design simulation in all DFT modes
  • Post silicon debug support

Physical Design Srevices

KEENHEADS specializes in RTL to GDSII implementation using both Cadence and Synopsys flows. We have dedicated experts with vast experience in the physical design flow and methodologies critical to achieving optimum performance, power, and area (PPA). Our experience spans in delivering successful silicon in various process nodes 3nm/5nm/10nm/12nm/28nm for all leading foundries – TSMC, Global Foundry &  Samsung. 
Our key offerings as part of our Physical Design services encompasses the following:
  • Flow & Methodology development
  • RTL Synthesis
  • Developing Design Constraints
  • Comprehensive Low Power Designs & Validation
  • Custom Routing , IO Planning,
  • Floor-Planning, Power Planning, Clock-Tree synthesis, Routing & optimization
  • Full-chip timing (STA) /SI closure and sign-off
  • Logical Equivalence Checks
  • Reliability analysis and signoff (EM/IR)
  • Physical Verification (LVS, DRC, ERC) & DFM/DFY

FPGA Design Emulation Services

The team has extensive experience executing FPGA programs for customers across the Networking, Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer Electronics domains. 

Expertise areas include high-speed Interconnects, Bus Interfaces, Network Protocols, SoC Interfaces, Audio/Video Applications, and Controllers.

Our key offerings as part of our FPGA emulation services encompasses the following 
  • Experience with the AMD & Intel FPGA device family
  • FPGA -based emulation, FPGA partitioning, ASIC to FPGA & FPGA to ASIC conversion
  • Custom board development and FPGA validation

ASIC design stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit design. It involves creating custom-designed integrated circuits tailored to specific applications, offering optimized performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness compared to off-the-shelf solutions. ASICs are crucial in various industries, including telecommunications, automotive, and consumer electronics, where performance and efficiency are paramount.

At KeenHeads, we approach ASIC design projects with a focus on understanding our clients’ unique requirements thoroughly. Our process involves close collaboration, in-depth analysis, and iterative refinement to ensure that the final design meets or exceeds expectations in terms of performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

KeenHeads serves a diverse range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, aerospace, and more. Our expertise in ASIC design allows us to address the specific needs and challenges of each industry, delivering tailored solutions that drive innovation and competitiveness.

The duration of an ASIC design project can vary depending on factors such as project complexity, scope, and client requirements. While some projects may be completed within a few months, others may require a year or more to finalize. At KeenHeads, we work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure timely delivery of high-quality ASIC designs.