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Smart Radar System On Chip

Key Metrics

  • Technology 28HPC+ TSMC
  • Die Size 10+ sqmm
  • Gate Count 15 Million
  • Frequency 5.4Ghz to 500Mhz
  • Hier Blocks 6
  • Package WLSP BGA
  • Duration 6- months
  • Team Size 10


Project Overview

Keenheads partnered with a global automotive technology leader to develop a state-of-the-art Smart Radar System on Chip (SoC). This project aimed to deliver a high-frequency, reliable radar system for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), enhancing vehicle safety and performance.

Key Project Components

  1. Automotive Grade Signoff at 5GHz+ for Blocks Interfacing Analog IPs
    • Keenheads ensured that all blocks interfacing with analog IPs met the stringent automotive grade signoff criteria at frequencies exceeding 5GHz.
    • This involved rigorous testing and validation to guarantee the reliability and performance of the radar system under automotive conditions.
  2. Top-Level SDC Creation in Functional and Test Modes
    • Comprehensive Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC) were created for the top level in both functional and test modes.
    • This ensured that the SoC operated correctly across all scenarios, facilitating thorough testing and validation processes.
  3. Custom Placement and Routing of IP Logic
    • Custom placement and routing strategies were employed for the IP logic to meet stringent timing and reliability requirements.
    • This involved precise engineering to optimize the layout and interconnections, ensuring robust performance.
  4. Clock Tree, Timing Closure, and Congestion for DSP Block with 400+ Memories and OTP
    • A meticulous clock tree design was implemented to manage the timing and synchronization of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) block, which contained over 400 memories and One-Time Programmable (OTP) elements.
    • Timing closure and congestion management were critical to ensure efficient data flow and processing within the DSP block.
  5. IR and EM Closure for Automotive Grade Signoff
    • Keenheads achieved IR (Infrared) and EM (Electromagnetic) closure to meet automotive grade signoff requirements.
    • This involved comprehensive analysis and optimization to ensure the SoC’s reliability and performance under automotive conditions.
  6. SoC Timing Closure with Multiple Analog IPs
    • The SoC timing closure process was meticulously executed to integrate multiple analog IPs, ensuring seamless operation and high performance.
    • This involved detailed analysis and fine-tuning to meet the stringent timing requirements of the radar system.
  7. Multi-Site Teams: Japan, Vietnam, Bangalore
    • Keenheads coordinated and managed a multi-site team spread across Japan, Vietnam, and Bangalore.
    • Effective communication and collaboration strategies were employed to ensure smooth project execution and timely delivery, leveraging the diverse expertise of the global team.


Through a combination of advanced techniques, meticulous planning, and effective collaboration, Keenheads successfully delivered a high-performance Smart Radar System on Chip. This project not only met the client’s stringent automotive requirements but also set a new benchmark for excellence in the automotive radar industry.